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Wellness Tourism

With the positive trend of people being more mindful of their health, and from a holistic standpoint no less, the wellness tourism industry has taken off in recent years. There is a lot of competition from the big brand hotels and OTAs so we focus on helping independently owned hotels, bed and breakfasts, destination spas, retreat organizers, and more, grow their wellness tourism business.

Here are some of the ways that we can help:

  • We can help identify aspects of your offering that can go towards a signature experience that we market to your target demographic
  • We work to set your business apart from others by creating, and marketing, content that speaks toward the health benefits that your destination could provide
  • We will market special offers as part of a lead generation campaign that promotes direct booking instead of going through OTAs
  • We create a website that is warm and inviting, promotes conversions, and is optimized for SEO
  • and much more…

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