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Speaking and Training Solutions To Help Your Audience, or Staff, of Health & Wellness Professionals

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Sample Topics

  • Holistic Digital Marketing

  • SEO and the Health and Wellness Professional
  • Making Your Practice or Store Found Through Local SEO

  • Developing a Content Strategy That Informs Potential Patients, Customers, and Guests

  • The Health Professionals’ Guide to Social Media Engagement

  • Nurturing and Delighting Current (and Potential) Customers and Patients Through Email Marketing

  • Identifying the Ideal Customer, Guest, and Patient
  • How To Effectively Market Your Online Health and Wellness Store
  • How To Utilize Your Competitors To Inform Your Marketing Strategy

  • Steps To Increase The Conversion Rate Of Visitors To Your Website

  • Ways To Make Your Practice’s Brand Stand Apart From Others

  • …or a custom topic of your choice!